Welcome to Dogs Out And About

Beach to High Peaks – We are not your average dog walking service!

What we do!

We are a really unique dog walking service. Our walks combine a mix of dog walking and dog day care into one unique dog walking service. Our walks don’t last the average 1 or 1.5 hours, our days out last between 3 to 5 hours, they are adventures!

No local parks, going around the block, or on the odd bit of open space for us!  We go exciting places like the beach, deep into forests, up the hills and on trails. The dogs get some serious exercise, are mentally enriched and have fun enjoying the day with their dog friends

Our dog walks are more like hikes, events or adventures for the dogs. Specifically designed to suit various energy, health and age levels and all under the watchful eye of highly experienced, trained and insured professional dog walker.

Use your normal dog walker or local dog day care as you need, but when you want to treat your dog, contact us!

What Makes Us Different?

Most daily dog walkers will predominantly walk in the same locations day after day. They offer 1 or 1.5-hour dog walks. Alternatively in most dog day care centres the dogs never leave the site. In both cases, that’s fine and at least the dogs are getting some exercise and out of the house, but are they being fully exercised and mentally enriched.

We go a step further and take the dogs for walks of 3 to 5 hours in tried and tested dog walking locations including the country, hills, along rivers, woodland, the beach and on occasion up mountains . Our walks cover 4 – 6 miles. After day out with one of our professional local dog walkers, they are returned home suitably exercised and tired.

Friendly Members Only

For dogs wanting to join us on an adventure dog, we have a strict entrance criteria which involves an assessment from one of our qualified staff.

Only friendly, well-socialised dogs, are welcome to join and although we are massively flexible to how often you use our dog walking service. Regular visits ensure your dog will get to know our team and therefore everyone is familiar and friendly with each other.

We walk in all weather and will try wherever possible to return your dog home toweled down and dry.

Our Service

You don’t have to commit to us for specified days or usage. Simply decide a date and walk you would like to book from our Book a Dog Walk page. We have a range of locations, walk times and mileage  to select from. We only ever walk 4 dogs at a time and therefore our walks can get booked up well in advance

We pick up from your home and the dogs are then transported in an air-conditioned, well lit, fully crated vehicle with soft bedding and taken to the walking location of the day.

From there they go for a walk with one of our experienced and fully trained dog walkers. We carry first aid packs, phones, water, treats GPS tracking and have the benefit of a backup team if needed.

Our walks give the dogs an extraordinary experience, unlocking their full potential and giving them the exercise and chance to explore that a normal walk allows.

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