About us

About Us

Professionally walking dogs since 2014

Dogs Out and About is brought to you from a very experienced team of dog walkers and dog daycare providers, and because we have a strong team, we self cover for holidays or sickness thus we provide a service throughout the year never letting you down.

We give your dog a chance to get out and about during the day,  they can come with one of our experienced dog walkers to play and explore outdoors. We specialise in group walks because we believe they provide the most stimulus, giving your dog exercise and a chance to socialise with their own kind.

We all know that dogs shouldn’t be left alone for any length of time, but choosing the right dog-walking service or dog daycare centre is important. It is simply not enough to say you love dogs to be able to walk them. Dogs come in all shapes, sizes and ages and you need to be assured the people looking after your dog understand what they are doing. Over the years, training and understanding how dogs think has been a crucial aspect of our business ethos to the extent we only employ people who have an animal welfare qualification, training or proven dog walking/daycare experience behind them. We don’t just look after dogs, we get to know each dog individually and build relationships with that dog. This builds trust, association and confidence in the dog.

Qualified Staff

+ Walks Undertaken

+ Years experience of providing pet services


Trained, Experienced, Professional, Insured.

Licensed Professionals, IMDT instructor

Pickup and drop off included

4 Dog maximum group walk


Discounted access to our partner businesses 

Dependable service


Free consultation and registration

Daily facebook pictures

Easy to use online booking system

We have a large team so no need to worry about our holiday plans, you are always covered. 

Totally flexible bookings. No set days required.


Ready to join us?

We are always looking for experienced people to join our team. Preferably with a degree or diploma in animal management, a training background, experience as a dog walker or working in a dog daycare centre.