Frequently Asked Questions

What type of services do you provide?

We work with a number of partner companies to provide a range of services allowing you to choose one that suits your requirements or to mix it up throughout the week. Dog walking (1 and 1.5 hour slots), Dog daycare, Dog training (obedience, puppy, agility, hoopers and parkour) plus we are presently building a network of dog boarders and groomers.

Are you qualified walkers?

Apart from being dog owners ourselves, we have years of experience of providing dog care services and have undertaken thousands of dog walks between the team. Each walker starts in our partner company “The Dog Bus” and is trained to ‘think dog’. We require all our walkers to either undertake a dog walkers certificate, the two-day iMDT dog training course, have  an Animal and Welfare college diploma/degree or proven experience as a dog walker before we let them loose with your dog. We have a qualified dog trainer on board, so yes, we set our standards high.

What does a dog walk include?

All walks are for a minimum of 1 hour, please note this does not include pick up and drop off time. We will never walk more than 6 dogs per walker, however most of the time due to regulations and safety we walk 4/5.

We will not walk in local parks, on the road or around the block, we like riversides, canals, woods, out of town trails and country parks.

Why you and not another dog walker?

Well apart from covering all the basics like insurance, transport, etc, we understand dogs and have learned to read the signs and body language of them. We use proven science-based learning and apply it to the way we look after and walk the dogs. We understand our duty of care to other people, dogs and the environment while out walking. We have taken the time to learn and continue to gain knowledge daily. Quite simply yes anyone can claim to be a professional dog walker but are they really?

Do I need to be at home for when you pickup or drop my dog?

No, our clients provide us with a key which allows us to pick up and drop off your dog whilst you’re not home. We are fully insured for key loss and damage. All keys are kept in a secure location and will never be marked with anything other than the name of your dog.

What type of dogs do you walk?

We walk all dogs, different ages, breeds and sizes. However, we will not walk dogs with aggressive tendencies towards other dogs or people. We want every dog on our walk to enjoy it and not be stressed by another dog. It also makes life easier for us if your dog is a loose lead walker and has good recall but we are happy to equally to walk on a lead. If you need help with loose lead walking (that is your dog not dragging you down the road) or recall check out our training options by  clicking here

Are your walks suitable for puppies?

No, No and No. Anyone who is willing to take a puppy out for a 1-hour walk is doing so purely for profit and not the welfare of the puppy. As a rule of thumb, a puppy should only be walked for 5 mins for every month of age. Quite simply a one hour walk is too much for growing bones, tissue, and muscles. Socialisation in pups is critical from an early age, but use a daycare centre first (where they can be monitored and rested) or puppy home visit services until they are old enough to start a full-blown walk.

Need to ask us something else?

Want more information on choosing the right pet sitting provider? You can find some great blogs here

Simply use the contact form and send us a message.

Want more information on choosing the right pet sitting provider? You can find some great blogs here

Must my dog be dog and human friendly?

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Does my dog have to be able to walk off lead?

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How fit does my dog need to be?

Each walk will give a rough guide to the length and hours of the walk and a rough category of the physical ability we consider dogs should be at for the walk.

We ask that you confirm that your dog is physically up to walking the distance of the walk you have booked. We suggest if you are not sure you seek the advice of your vet.

Does my dog need to be vaccinated and microchipped?

By law, your dog must be microchipped and have a name tag. We will need to see copies of your dog’s vaccinations before we can take them out

Does my dog have to be a certain size?

No not at all, our walks are aimed so all sizes and breeds can enjoy them. Have a look at the walk guides to assess whether you feel the walk suitable for your dog. 

Do we have to register?

All dogs that we walk need to get their humans to complete an online registration form and accept our terms and conditions?